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Early Football History Dates Back Millennia

Football – in various forms – has existed for millennia. Historic evidence suggests that people in ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome enjoyed sports that involved kicking or handling a ball in a designated field of play.

It was most likely the Romans who spread the game they called harpastum throughout Europe and eventually to the British Isles, where the game took hold as mellay. As the later derived term melee suggests, this early form of football was characterized by wild mob action. Legend says the first mellay ball was actually the head of a Danish pirate. During Tudor times, football was characterized by injuries and fatalities, and laws were passed against the “devilish game” because it was depleting the workforce.

By 1700s, Football Players Adopted Rules, and the Game Began to Resemble Modern-Day Soccer

Over the centuries, rules were applied to mellay, and the sport gradually became more civilized, even though it was considered a game for commoners. By the 18th century, the game resembled modern-day soccer. At English secondary schools like Eton and Harrow, it was adopted as a popular intramural. However, rules varied from school to school – with one exception: players could not carry the ball. Continue reading

Making your Golf game great without spending a Fortune!

When it comes to golfing you know the money can add up when you are buying all of the necessary equipment. The good news is that there are things that you can save some money on. These range from discount golf shoes to accessories.

Golf Shoes

When it comes to golf shoes quality definitely matters, but this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. If you shop around you can find the perfect shoe for you at a price that you can stomach. You may want to look at the different online stores that offer golf shoes so that you can easily compare. You do not want to have to run out and buy a new pair of shoes every couple of weeks. Ask your golfing buddies which shoes they prefer and what the quality of these are. Also, do not be afraid to try on as many pairs as it takes to find one that feels perfect on your feet. You should have these for at least a year if you play regularly and longer if you only get out every weekend so pick a pair that is of good quality, but at a reasonable price too.


Golf Balls

Face it, you are going to lose so many golf balls that spending a fortune on them is just not a good investment. You want a decent ball, but you do not need something fancy. Pick a weight and size that you feel comfortable with and go for it. If you are a beginner golfer you do not need to worry about buying the most expensive balls because a lot of these will end up in the pond anyway. Just grab what you are comfortable with. If you are a more experienced golfer, then you can put out some extra cash for balls that will give you the best game.

Golf Bag

You need a bag to hold your clubs and you want this to last you. Having to get a new bag every few months because of tears is just not acceptable. Head to your local sporting goods store and ask around. Ask about which bags their customers seem to like the most. Pick the bags up and look at their stitching. The key here is durability with an affordable price.

Be Different and Bet For the Underdog

Losing a bet is a terrible thing for the mind. When we lose, we feel like we ought to stop betting completely. But that wouldn’t be the best way to use our time. It makes more sense to turn things around and bet for the team that’s expected to lose, especially if the numbers work in your favor.

You see, a favorite team might be the fave for very superficial reasons. This is why using data to drive decisions can be extremely lucrative. Instead of it being just about getting your emotions connected with the team, you’re getting your passion for winning connected with the team that can deliver the most on your expectations.

Underdog betting

There are a few classic tips that will help you along the way:

First and foremost, you need to have intimate knowledge of this team. Notice that we didn’t say insider knowledge, but intimate knowledge. You need to know who the players are, who the old players were, the coaches, the way they tend to play. Looking at past games will help you get an eye for the team’s playing style better than listening to all of those news shows. In fact, skip over any player interviews or coach interviews or commentator stories. The coaches aren’t going to really reveal too much on TV, where their competition could learn things. The players are also under the same pressure to keep quiet. So if you’re really trying to learn something, you’re going to have to look at other ways to get the information. Continue reading

NBA DraftKings – Defense Efficiency Research

One of the easiest ways to get a leg up on your competition is by studying each team’s defense efficiency.  If you’re unfamiliar with this type of research tool, it’s basically how well a team adjusts their defense throughout a game.  For instance, San Antonio is one of the best defensive teams and it’s because they work well together as a team.  Most nights you want to stay away from players playing the Spurs.

If you look at the other side of the spectrum, the Philadelphia 76ers have one of the worst defense efficiencies in the league.  Whoever is playing them, you usually want to target one to two players, as the odds of them scoring more points will be greater.  However, always remember that blowout games can work against you.  If the Cavs are hosting the 76ers there is a good chance the game won’t be close.  This means your star players could be sitting half the game.

defense efficiency

The Best Defense Efficiency Strategy

There are so many variables attached to picking the best NBA lineup for DraftKings. Defense efficiency is only one facet, but it’s an extremely important one.  Here are a few quick pointers that can put you in the money more times than not:

1. The Houston Rockets have a horrible defense efficiency, but you don’t see them getting blown out very often.  If you can find teams that will stay competitive with the Rockets for four quarters, it’s a good idea to take either the opponents point guard and/or shooting guard.  It’s even better if you can find a value pick that plays a lot of minutes and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to utilize him. Continue reading

DraftKings NBA – Finding Injury Information

There are several strategies revolving around drafting a lineup in the NBA. What you use in a 50/50 draft compared to a GPP is completely different. This goes for all contests available. However, there is one thing they all have in common; you need all of your players to play.

For instance, the other night I was working a bunch of overtime at my full time job, but I wanted to be able to put in a lineup. I got in a $3 GPP that had a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool, and $50,000 to 1st place. Now, the chances of winning that with a strategized plan is pretty low, but according to my research, winning this type of contest with one player that doesn’t play is impossible. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying if you have one player below 20pts on any given night…you won’t win first place.

nba injury
Anyways, last night I put in a team and didn’t see the score until the morning. Unfortunately I had one player that planned to play at 7:30pm, but by game time he ended up being a late scratch. I ended up with 252 points and was 6 points away from hitting the low-end money. Then another player got hurt in the first quarter and was out the rest of the game. The injury is just bad luck, but the late scratch definitely could have been avoided.

Where to get Injury Updates

Most people immediately think they should head to ESPN for information on the NBA (or Even though these are great sources during the day, you need something a little better when it gets closer to game time. Probably two of the most popular today is RotoGrinders and Rotowire. Both locations have a huge pool of information, and on most nights you can get the necessary information on injuries. Continue reading

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