Most of us who have been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City have placed a sports bet at one of the huge sportsbooks that we saw at a gaudy casino, and the majority of those bets were placed on an NFL or College Football game. If we want to bet on these games at home, however, our options are limited to using a bookie over the phone or betting online. There is no question that NFL betting online is the smarter option, but did you know that it’s also a better move than using a Vegas sportsbook!

Here are just a few reasons why wagering on football online makes sense:

1. They want your business more, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Do you really think that it matters to the Wynn’s sportsbook if you take your measly $100 parlay with them or with the guys across the Strip? They offer their NFL lines and Super Bowl odds and they’ll pour you a free watered-down drink while you look at them, but that’s about it for special deals. Online sportsbooks are a different story. There are thousands of them out there so in order to stand out they will make you a far sweeter deal.

They’ll give you free money if you bet with them: in the form of a sign-up bonus and in reload bonuses.

They’ll run special promotions and competitions. If you bet with them on a certain day, say taking your NFL bets on a Friday you will qualify for lower juice on all your winning bets – try getting that deal in Vegas!

They will send you free gifts like pagers, golf shirts, and tote bags to reward you for being a loyal client.

Most importantly, if you are a serious sports bettor looking to make serious money from your NFL bets you have to bet online because they offer critical stretches on NFL lines. Online sportsbooks do offer superior odds on many NFL games, that’s a fact. If you don’t know how important that ½ point stretch can be then you clearly have never bet on football before.

2. They’re convenient and idiot-proof

Most of us don’t want to fly to Vegas every time we want to place a bet on the NFL, and a lot of us aren’t comfortable phoning some guy who works out of the back of a laundry to take our action. We’ve seen “The Sopranos” and know that a lot of bucket shops are run by bookmakers without the best credentials. Online sportsbooks are open 24/7 and have incredible customer service departments. They will take you through every step and if you ever have a problem or question the result of a bet they can sort it out for you. Their reputation matters a lot to them, so they will do whatever it takes to keep you as a satisfied client.

You can bet on the NFL whenever you want to, and it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake with your bet. There are confirmation screens and records of every bet you placed. Continue reading