Losing a bet is a terrible thing for the mind. When we lose, we feel like we ought to stop betting completely. But that wouldn’t be the best way to use our time. It makes more sense to turn things around and bet for the team that’s expected to lose, especially if the numbers work in your favor.

You see, a favorite team might be the fave for very superficial reasons. This is why using data to drive decisions can be extremely lucrative. Instead of it being just about getting your emotions connected with the team, you’re getting your passion for winning connected with the team that can deliver the most on your expectations.

Underdog betting

There are a few classic tips that will help you along the way:

First and foremost, you need to have intimate knowledge of this team. Notice that we didn’t say insider knowledge, but intimate knowledge. You need to know who the players are, who the old players were, the coaches, the way they tend to play. Looking at past games will help you get an eye for the team’s playing style better than listening to all of those news shows. In fact, skip over any player interviews or coach interviews or commentator stories. The coaches aren’t going to really reveal too much on TV, where their competition could learn things. The players are also under the same pressure to keep quiet. So if you’re really trying to learn something, you’re going to have to look at other ways to get the information. Continue reading